Pemberton announces re-election campaign


Retired public school administrator and current District 9 State Sen. Dewayne Pemberton has officially announced his 2020 campaign for re-election.

Pemberton said he believes the wave of conservatives who supported him in his first successful run for State Senate are energized now more than ever to help elect proven conservatives to public office because of President Trump's leadership.

"Under President Trump, we're experiencing record levels of success throughout our nation. Like President Trump, I continue my pledge to keep delivering on the campaign promises I made back in 2016. Promises made; promises kept," said Pemberton.

Pemberton was awarded Legislator of the Year from the Oklahoma State School Board Association, the Oklahoma Sheriffs Association, and the Oklahoma Public Employees Association.

He serves as the chairman on the Subcommittee of Appropriations on Education. He is also a committee member of Agriculture and Wildlife, Appropriations, Education, and Veterans and Military Affairs.

During his first term in office, Pemberton authored legislation to increase classroom funding by more than $74,000,000, while also co-sponsoring legislation for giving the largest teacher pay raise in state history.

"We had to start investing in our education system that had been insufficient for so many years. Year after year, we were losing teachers to neighboring states. This increase of pay and investment into the classroom to help students makes Oklahoma very competitive and can keep some of the best, most talented teachers in our state," said Pemberton. "I am glad to have co-sponsored this and helped push to get it passed."

In addition to championing education policies, Pemberton has been fighting for eastern Oklahoma values by defending traditional family values and constitutional freedoms.

He voted for Constitutional Carry; authored legislation to reduce health care costs; supported Gov. Stitt to invest $200 million into the rainy day fund; drafted the $203 million budget for education; sponsored the legislation for a Cost of Living Adjustment for public pensions retirees; and authored the bill that prevents fraud and promotes safety of law enforcement officers.

"I promised to be a conservative, outside-of-the-box type of thinker. We are accomplishing big things for Oklahoma and future generations. More jobs, better pay, better educational systems, better health care, stronger and safer communities, standing up for public service officers such as fire and police, and pushing back on the federal government overreach are a few of the key items I've been able to work on," said Pemberton. "With the support of District 9 in 2020, I look forward to continuing my service as their senator."

Pemberton and his wife, Claire, are members of St. Joseph's Catholic Church in Muskogee. He is a member of the Muskogee Chamber of Commerce, Tahlequah Chamber of Commerce, and Oklahoma Farm Bureau. District 9 includes Muskogee and Cherokee counties.

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