A man admitted to stealing six golf balls before a round of the game with friends.

On Jan. 11, Tahlequah Police Lt. Bryan Qualls responded to Walmart for a man who reportedly tried stealing golf balls before a round of 18 holes with friends. Employees said Cole Duvall concealed a set of golf balls on his person. He paid for a bottle of water before he was escorted to the Asset Protection office. Duvall told Qualls he was going golfing with a group of friends and needed the golf balls. He said he had the money to pay for the merchandise but he wouldn't have any money left over, and took the balls. Duvall was arrested and booked for petit larceny.

Officer David Trammell was dispatched to 602 Russell Ave. Jan. 10 due to Barry Newberry trying to pick fights with people. The officer was driving in the area and noticed a man walk behind a house to avoid being seen by him. Trammell found the man sitting on some steps in front of a house. Newberry was asked to stand up so the officer could pat him down for weapons. Newberry refused to do so several times before Trammell grabbed his arm to stand him up. The man pulled away and was taken to the ground by Trammell and Lt. Matt Frits. Newberry was arrested and booked for obstruction, resisting arrest, and public drunkenness.

On Jan. 11, Lt. Frits was called to Walmart in regard to a woman who was trespassing. Alyssia Carey was escorted to the Asset Protection office and told she hasn't been allowed in the store since 2015. Frits arrested the woman and searched her purse where there was a piece of alundum foil with what appeared to be heroin. Carey admitted to smoking the drug earlier. She was transported to jail and booked on tribal charges of possession of a controlled dangerous substance, possession of drug paraphernalia, trespassing after being forbidden, and a warrant.

On Jan. 10, Lt. Justin Leatherwood responded to Hit N Run because of a man who was yelling at vehicles. Larry Dale Adair spoke of the moon, five craters, and kept asking if he was his brother. Adair was transported and booked for public intoxication.

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