A man was arrested after officers were called about a vehicle in a ditch.

On Nov. 17, Tahlequah Police Officer Robert Jones was dispatched to Jamestown Street on a report of an unresponsive man in the driver’s seat of a vehicle in the ditch. Jones arrived to find Michael Spears passed out inside. Spears refused to exit the vehicle and had to be pulled out and taken to the ground by Jones. Spears was arrested for after an attempted field sobriety test. Jones searched the vehicle and found an open bottle of vodka, and two bottles of orange juice. Spears was booked on tribal charges of driving under the influence and transporting an open container of alcohol.

Officer Jacob Robertson responded to the Bertha Parker Bypass and Crafton Street on Nov. 17 for a two-vehicle crash. The officer was gathering information from both drivers when Derek Shawn Turtle said he didn’t have his on him. Turtle gave Robertson the name Derek Shawn and his date of birth. However, Robertson wasn’t able to find any information on Shawn, and a firefighter advised Turtle walked away from the crash scene. Officer Mitchell Sellers located Turtle and brought him back to speak with Robertson. Turtle had a suspended driver’s license and was arrested.

On Nov. 17, Lt. Brandon Vick spoke with a woman who complained about her neighbor allegedly taking things from her yard, and breaking a window on her vehicle. The woman said she’s had an ongoing dispute with her neighbor regarding a dog. She said she bought a bird house-looking device that has a dog whistle on it. The woman said someone turned off the whistle, and it appeared someone shot her vehicle’s window. The next day, the woman said the whistle was missing, and the suspected neighbor said it was moved but not taken.

Kelsey Ross reported her son’s backpack was stolen outside of Love’s Country Store on Nov. 17. Ross said her son left the backpack on the side of the building since he wasn’t allowed to bring it into the business. She said her son was inside the store for a few minutes and the bag was gone when he returned. The backpack contained a Tahlequah Public Schools Chrome Book.

Officer Michael Gray was dispatched to Hit-N-Run on Nov. 17 and arrested Larry Adair for trespassing. Employees said Adair was told to leave several times because he was banned from the property. Adair did leave when he was told, but he returned later and was taken to jail.

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