A woman allegedly told officers they were "messing up" in arresting her because she works for the Cherokee County Clerk's Office.

On Nov. 27, Tahlequah Police Officer Lane Cobb was dispatched to Ash Avenue for a welfare check. Dispatch advised a woman was lying face-down in the yard of a residence, and she appeared to be unconscious. Dispatch also said the woman was shirtless. Cobb found the woman lying in the yard, and a GMC Denali parked on the south side of the residence. The woman was wearing a gray-colored shirt. Cobb reported that Salena Gordon told him to turn off his lights, and she refused to give him her name. Gordon exuded an odor of alcohol and told Cobb to help her, according to the police report. Cobb could see what appeared to be a bottle of vodka and an open box of beer inside the Denali. Cobb said Gordon was unsteady on her feet, and she fell backward into the vehicle. Gordon was detained and gave officers her name. According to the report, officers received a call on her earlier that night from someone who claimed she was driving while intoxicated. When Gordon was arrested for public intoxication, she asked Cobb to call Police Chief Nate King and Cherokee County Sheriff Jason Chennault. Cobb refused, and Gordon allegedly told the officer he was "messing up," because she works in the County Clerk's Office. Residents at the house where Gordon was found said she was their son's "girlfriend" and that her vehicle would be fine there. Cobb was securing Gordon's vehicle and found an open can of beer in the front seat cup holders. Gordon was transported to Tahlequah City Jail, where she allegedly became angry and refused to answer some of Cobb's medical questions. Cobb said Gordon was mad because he wouldn't call King, Chennault, Samantha Davis or local attorney Crystal Jackson. According to the report, Gordon refused instructions during the booking process and had to be restrained against the wall for a pat-down search by jail officers before she was put in a cell.

Officer Raquel Reed responded to a non-injury crash at Park Hill Road and the Bertha Parker Bypass. On Nov. 28, Keaton Simmons told officers he was driving too fast and ran off the road, according to Reed's report. Officers noticed Simmons was unsteady on his feet and gave off an odor of alcohol. Simmons said he consumed three or four beers and performed a field sobriety test. He was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence. Officers found an open container of beer inside the vehicle and a case of beer in the truck bed. Simmons was taken to the Cherokee County Detention Center and booked on tribal charges of driving under the influence, no insurance, and transporting an open container of alcohol.

Officer Bo Smith arrested Keri Thompson on Nov. 29 for assault and battery. Smith said in his report that a woman said Thompson was at Seminole Avenue to pick up a child when a verbal argument ensued. The woman alleged Thompson struck her in the forearm and her face while Thompson was holding the child on her hip. The child's father witnessed the incident and told officers Thompson struck the woman. Thompson claimed the woman and she were verbally arguing when she used her forearm to strike her in the facial area. Thompson was booked on tribal charges of assault and battery.

On Nov. 28, Officer Thomas Donnell was dispatched to Love's Country Store for a shoplifting. Employees said a man came into the store, took three candy bars, and walked out without paying. The employee said he wanted the man banned from the store.

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