A half-naked woman and shirtless man were arrested after officers found them walking through the city while intoxicated.

On June 10, Tahlequah Police Officer Jacob Robertson responded to a report of an intoxicated person near Bluff Avenue and South Street. Robertson made contact with a woman who wasn’t wearing underwear or pants, and a man who was shirtless. They admitted they were intoxicated and trying to walk home. Anna Aguilar had an odor of alcohol coming from her and was unable to stand still. Aguilar was arrested for public drunkenness and placed in the back of Robertson’s patrol unit. Micky Wolf was arrested after he failed to follow instructions during a field sobriety test. Both were transported to jail and booked.

Sgt. Justin Leatherwood was dispatched to Downing Street in regard to a person in the backyard of a residence. On June 8, Pamela Hazen said the family dog awoke the people in the house around 3 a.m. She said there was a man sitting on a wooden fence post in their backyard, and he threw a light in the swimming pool. She said the man jumped down and ran into a field behind the residence. Leatherwood could hear David Keys Jr. yelling behind the house. Keys was arrested for public intoxication, trespassing, and vandalism.

On June 8, Lt. Dexter Scott was dispatched to McDonald’s on a report of a man who was yelling at vehicles as they drove by. Scott found Jaden Kreiner sitting on a curb with a beer between his legs. Kreiner admitted to drinking the beer that was between his legs. He was arrested and was transported to jail for public drunkenness.

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