Officers spent 40 minutes trying to subdue a woman who refused to cooperate and tried picking a fight with them.

On July 12, Tahlequah Police Officer Michael Cates was on patrol on Park Avenue when he saw a vehicle parked, with engine idling, at a stop sign. A woman was screaming and hitting the hood of the vehicle. Cates approached as she tried to walk away and was hitting signs. Cates asked the woman if she had taken any drugs and she admitted she did. Amber Floyd, who is a tribal member, was detained and transported to the Cherokee County Detention Center, where she became uncooperative with officers. She refused to change into jail clothing and handcuffed herself to the chairs. Officers pepper-sprayed her and she took off running toward the library in the jail. Floyd tried to fight, bite, and kick jail officers before Cates stepped in and tried to get her under control. Cates said they tried to get her in the restraint chair, and that struggle lasted for about 40 minutes. Cherokee Nation Marshal Service officers arrived with their suspect and helped get Floyd restrained.

Lt. Bryan Qualls was dispatched to Seminole Street on a report of an intoxicated person on July 15. Christopher Williams was standing in the roadway and staring at a vacant house. Williams noticed the officer and began walking toward the house, which Qualls knew was empty. Qualls yelled for Williams to stop walking and he refused. Williams then turned around with his fists up and Qualls drew his Taser, and ordered the man to get on the ground. Williams put his hands in the air, was taken to the ground by officers, and arrested. A checkbook that belonged to a man in Arkansas was in Williams’ pocket. He claimed he found the checkbook and was going to return it to the owner. Williams was taken to jail and booked for obstruction. Qualls made contact with the owner of the checkbook, and he said he hadn’t had any checks for several years. The checks were logged into evidence to be destroyed.

On July 12, Officer Robert Jones was dispatched to Ward Street on a report of an intoxicated man. Kyle Pritchett was sitting outside and appeared to be drunk. He was arrested after claiming without proof to be a tribal member, and Jones found a bottle of vodka in his backpack.

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