Officers were called after a woman caused a disturbance when parents dropped their children off at a daycare.

On July 16, Tahlequah Police Officer Cory Keele responded to the call indicating Shannon Sharp was screaming toward a daycare on Fox Street while parents were dropping off their children. Keele arrived and Sharp took off running toward a trailer house. Sharp yelled "Grandma!" and ran onto a porch and began banging on the door. Keele yelled for Sharp to stop and pulled out his Taser. A woman answered the door and Sharp ran toward her. The woman closed the door and locked it. Keele was able to get Sharp handcuffed and transported her to jail. Sharp has two syringes and claimed she handed those out to other people. She was booked on charges of possession of drug paraphernalia and public intoxication.

Officer Michael Cates responded to North Cedar Avenue on July 12 in regard to a domestic call. A verbal argument had ensued between two men and they both agreed to stop and go to bed, but Cates was called back to the residence about five minutes later. One man said Joshua Young came into the house and assaulted him. Cates spoke with Young and he admitted hitting the man. Young was arrested for simple assault and transported to jail.

On July 16, Officer Bo Smith was dispatched to Arden Street on a report of a domestic dispute. Angel Watashe said he and his girlfriend got into an argument and he admitted he pushed her down. The victim had injuries consistent with a fight, and Watashe was arrested for domestic assault and battery by strangulation. Watashe was booked into jail on tribal charges.

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