A woman was found screaming in the middle of the road, claiming her babies were hanging from trees.

On July 19, Tahlequah Police Officer Robert Jones was dispatched to Choctaw Street on a report of a woman who was yelling. Tiffany Sharp was standing outside and screaming when Jones arrived. Jones said Sharp was claiming that her babies were "hanging from trees" and pointed to the trees across the street. Sharp was arrested for trespassing, and another woman signed a city complaint. The woman said Sharp was told several times not to be there at that area, and that she had made threats.

Lt. Brandon Vick was on patrol July 19 when he observed the busted windshield of a vehicle driven by Gregory Laster. Vick asked dispatch to check Laster's driver's license and they advised the license was revoked. Vick conducted a traffic stop and ordered Laster to exit the vehicle. Laster was arrested and booked into jail on charges of driving under revocation.

On July 16, Officer Bo Smith responded to Casey's General Store for a welfare check on a woman. Cynthia Ullom was exiting the store when Smith approached her and advised he was there to check on her. Ullom had a strong odor of alcohol on her and claimed she didn't have anything to drink. She admitted she didn't have a driver's license and tried to get into her vehicle. Smith arrested Ullom for public intoxication and transported her to the Tahlequah Police Department.

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