An intoxicated man allegedly left a bag containing methamphetamine, pills, paraphernalia, and his ID outside of a house he broke into.

On July 17, Tahlequah Police Officer Robbie Bacon was dispatched to a residence on Ross Street on a report of an intoxicated man who dropped off a bag and began walking toward the creek bed. The homeowner said Dallas Thompson strolled into his living room and said he needed to get some air. Thompson then walked outside and toward the creek bed. The homeowner found a bag that contained clothing, pills, methamphetamine, and a glass pipe. Bacon also found a Cherokee Nation ID card with Thompson’s name on it. Officer Michael Gray made contact with Thompson on South Bluff Avenue and East South Street. The homeowner didn’t want to press burglary charges against Thompson. However, the man appeared to be under the influence of a narcotic and was arrested. Officers searched his pockets and found a capped syringe. Thompson was transported to jail and booked on tribal charges.

Officer Michael Cates responded to South Park Avenue on July 18 after a suspicious man was found around a house. Cates arrived in the area to find Max Nofire behind Dewain’s Place. Nofire had marijuana and a large white crystal-like rock inside a latex glove. He claimed it was just a rock and tried to get Cates to throw it away, but the officer believed it was meth and was going to test it. Nofire admitted it was meth and Cates found more in a bag he was carrying. Nofire was transported to jail and booked on tribal charges of possession of a controlled dangerous substance, possession of marijuana, and possession of paraphernalia.

On July 20, Officer Gray was dispatched to Vapor Maven on Park Hill Road in regard to a man who was trespassing. Michele Turtle said Larry Adair came inside the store, and she told him he needed to leave. But Adair claimed he owned the store and that he was the sheriff. Adair told Gray he didn’t know he had been banned from the store, and Turtle said she wanted to file charges. Adair was arrested for trespassing and booked on tribal charges at the Cherokee County Detention Center.

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