A driver got away from authorities after he fled during a traffic stop.

On Sept. 13, Tahlequah Police Officer Lane Cobb saw multiple items hanging from the rearview mirror of a vehicle. Cobb initiated a traffic stop on the driver, who had a U.S. Permanent Resident card. Cobb said he found it odd the man said he was trying to get U.S. citizenship when he had the card. The photo on the card looked nothing like the man Cobb was speaking with, and the passenger said her name was Kaysha Smallen. Cobb noticed a plastic piece that had a ball formed on it, and believed it was methamphetamine. Cobb told the driver to exit the vehicle, but the man asked for the reason. Smallen asked Cobb what he was talking about and the driver called her, "Kyra." Cobb recognized the woman to be Kyra Smallen. Smallen grabbed the plastic piece and other items inside the vehicle before Cobb told her to step outside. The officer told her to drop the items and she did, but the plastic piece wasn't found. Smallen was about to be detained when the driver asked if he was going to be detained as well. Cobb advised he would and the driver bolted. Cobb left Smallen on the side of the road and tried to catch up to the fleeing driver. Cobb and other officers were unable to find the man, but Lt. Bryan Qualls located the abandoned vehicle on South 527 Road. Smallen had walked away from the area of the traffic stop and Cobb found her sitting on a motorcycle. Smallen was take to the Cherokee County Detention Center and booked on tribal charges of false impersonation to create liability and obstructing an officer. Cobb noticed the resident card the driver handed him appeared to be altered, with several errors.

On Sept. 13, Lt. Dexter Scott was dispatched to the parking lot of Reasor's on a report of a man brandishing a knife. Scott found Eric Long near McDonald's and he admitted he had knife, but insisted he wasn't swinging it around. Long was advised to leave the area. A man and his two kids waved Scott down a short time later, and said Long threatened them. A woman also stopped Scott and said Long threatened to kill her when she was exiting Reasor's. Scott made contact with Long again and asked if he threatened anyone. Long denied the accusations and began talking about the Fifth Amendment. He was arrested and booked on tribal charges of threatening to perform acts of violence.

Sgt. Justin Leatherwood responded to East Downing Street on Sept. 14 in regard to an intoxicated man who was walking in traffic. Elias Saavedra Jr. told officers he smoked meth and marijuana earlier. He was transported to jail and booked for public intoxication and possession of marijuana.

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