Quick 5 Protectors: Cherokee County Sheriff's Office

Deputy Pete Broderick and his K-9 partner, Crush

Explain your specific job with Cherokee County Sheriff's Office.

I'm the K-9 deputy. Me and my K-9 partner, Crush, patrol the county and serve as a regular deputy and narcotics deputy. We also serve as a bite team and tracking team.

Why did you decide to get into law enforcement?

I don't consider law enforcement a career, but a calling. I got into it to serve the people of the community - just to help anyone in any way that I can, and to make it a better community.

What do you consider the most rewarding aspect of your job?

Being able to help people. It's not about just arresting people or writing traffic tickets. It's about truly helping people, whether through a simple conversation or just letting them know we're here to help. Sometimes it's even just giving a simple hug to someone who needs to know we're here.

What is the biggest challenge you face?

The constant changes in the law and the fact that Oklahoma has allowed felonies to be misdemeanors when, in fact, they should still be felonies.

Other than your job, what are some of the other important aspects of your life?

I live by three rules: God, family, and my Oklahoma State University Cowboys.

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