Quick 5 Protectors: NSU Police Department

NSU Police Chief James Bell

1. Tell us what prompted you to go into law enforcement.

I grew up watching "Adam-12" and "Emergency!" I always knew I wanted to be a first responder. After serving in the Army, I joined the local police as a way to continue serving.

2. You serve as chairman of Tahlequah BEST. How long have you served that role and what does the coalition mean to you?

Tahlequah BEST is all about building better communities by working together. Working together is what policing is all about; the police depend on cooperation of the public to make our community safer.

3. Explain what a typical day for you is like.

A typical day means meetings with other departments, faculty, staff, and hopefully soon, students. My job is about communication and cooperation.

4. What’s the most rewarding part about being chief?

Seeing a problem solved. It's always satisfying when we can work together to solve an issue that makes us all better.

5. When you’re not on duty, where can we likely find you, and what will you be doing?

When not on duty, I check out. I'll be spending time with my family and friends.

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