Economy Recovery Task Force officials discussed case numbers and perhaps extending the expiration date of the mask ordinance during a Thursday, Oct. 29 meeting.

Ward 4 City Councilor Trae Ratliff said the committee suggested continuing the mask ordinance past Nov. 30, which was the original expiration date.

Committee members said they are noticing that more and more people have gone back to pre-COVID-19 guidelines and are not social distancing. Meanwhile, infection rates continue to climb.

"[Cherokee Nation Secretary of State] Todd Enlow provided the task force a chart that showed daily new cases in Oklahoma since July," Ratliff said. "LabCorp testing has been delayed because of a surge of people being tested."

According to Enlow, ICU beds are available through Cherokee Nation Health Services, but they are trying to prioritize for COVID patients.

W.W. Hastings may have a vaccination in-house by the end of November. It's a 21-day vaccine, and officials feel confident about it, but it needs FDA approval, according to Enlow.

Northeastern State University President Dr. Steve Turner said he had heard St. Francis Hospital in Tulsa was at 90 percent capacity earlier this week.

As of Friday, Oct. 30, the state had 15,032 active COVID-19 cases, with Cherokee County reporting 1,418 of those. The county has a total of 191 currently active cases, with eight deaths.

As of Oct. 30, Cherokee Nation Health Services had 3,298 confirmed cases of COVID-19.

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