The fifth annual Cyber Security Conference will virtually bring together local, regional and national experts on April 21-22.

The Cyber Security Conference is an opportunity for business professionals involved in cyber security to learn from experts in the field. Those who attend will discuss human element risks organization face; explore the nature and motivation behind internal and external people who pose a risk to security; and consider how to enhance security strategies.

People who should attend include: Senior-level leaders; information technology leaders, managers and specialists; system and data administrators; and business leaders involved in the decision-making process for cyber security strategy, implementation and management.

Presenters are: Sundeep Kapur, Educator and Founder, Digital Credence, Inc., Lexington, Kentucky; Todd Fitzgerald, CISO and Cybersecurity Leadership Author, CISO Spotlight, Chicago; Rick Holland, Chief Information Security Officer, Vice President Strategy, Digital Shadows, Dallas; and Madeline Mitchell, Manager, Cyber Strategy, Deloitte, Oklahoma City.

Registration is $115; eight or more can register for $100 each. Visit Or contact Assistant Program Manager Krysta Gilbert at 405-744-5208 or

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