The wife of a man who was shot and killed Tuesday showed up at the shooter's house Wednesday night and made threats, according to the Cherokee County Sheriff's Office.

On Sept. 11, Ginger Snow called 911 for the second time in two days, this time to report trouble with the wife of the man she had shot. She told dispatchers that Heather Montgomery was outside her house and throwing rocks at vehicles. Snow also said she was receiving death threats, but it was unclear if those threats were made by Montgomery.

Cherokee County Sheriff’s Deputy Tanner Hendley was dispatched to the disturbance and he spoke with Snow, who told him Montgomery said she had “people coming to take care of this bitch.”

CCSO reports indicate Montgomery accused Snow of lying about not knowing her husband, and she was going to "see you until you're dead from my people.”

“Montgomery said she was going to stay and harass her and make her life a living hell because her attorney said she could, and that she was going to file a fake report saying that Snow threatened her with an AR," Hendley stated in the report.

The night before, Josh Montgomery had been shot and killed by Snow after he showed up at her house and allegedly threatened to kill her.

Snow told deputies Montgomery, whom she said she didn't know, had started banging on the doors and windows at her residence. She said she told him to leave, and he "backed off" into a yard. But then he returned to her house, and she said he was even more aggressive toward her.

Snow said she armed herself with a gun and opened the door. She said when Montgomery threatened to kill her, she fired shots into the air to scare him. She said that when he started to come at her, she fired at least two shots, killing him.

Undersheriff Jason Chennault said the evidence and witness statements line up with what Snow said. She was licensed to carry a weapon, and she was not arrested on the advice of Cherokee County District Attorney Jack Thorp.

Snow’s boyfriend, Johnny Shine, said he witnessed the incident Wednesday night. He confirmed Heather Mongtomery said there were going to be "people there" to do to Snow what Snow had done to her husband.

"This girl came walking out of the darkness, cursing Ginger, telling her that she was going to get what was coming for shooting her husband last night," Shine said in the report.

Handley said Montgomery had a strong odor of alcohol about her, and he told her not to return to Snow’s property. She was not arrested, however.

Snow said she wanted to get a protective order against Montgomery.

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