OKLAHOMA CITY – On Tuesday, June 16, the Uninsured Vehicle Enforcement Diversion Program, a division of the Oklahoma District Attorneys Council, announced enrollment numbers in excess of 20,000 citizens.

This first-of-its-kind program utilizes diversion to reduce uninsured driving on Oklahoma roadways. Where state records indicate a lack of vehicle insurance, Oklahoma citizens receive notice from the UVED Program. Citizens with active coverage may contact their insurance carriers to reconcile discrepancies quickly. Citizens without active coverage are invited to participate in the program by acquiring insurance and paying a fee, in exchange for the matter’s remaining outside the court system.

“The UVED Program demonstrates how successful diversion programs can be by addressing a serious safety matter without burdening the criminal justice system,” said Angela Marsee, president-elect of the Oklahoma District Attorneys Association.

Where other extenuating circumstances exist, citizens are encouraged to contact the UVED Program by email or phone.

“Registration delays often cause Oklahomans to receive UVED notices,” said Amanda Arnall Couch, UVED Program director. “Following the acquisition of a new vehicle, registration or transfer of the license plate must occur within 30 days at the Oklahoma Tax Commission or a local Tag Agency. Failure to complete the registration process causes a mismatch in state records, which may result in a UVED notice.”

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