OKLAHOMA CITY – Telephone and assistive equipment is available for eligible Oklahomans who are deaf, hard of hearing, deaf-blind, and those with speech communication needs through the Oklahoma School for the Deaf’s Equipment Distribution Program.

This adaptive equipment is free or at little cost for those who meet the guidelines of the program. The equipment program is located on OSD’s main campus in Sulphur.

The school is a division of Oklahoma Department of Rehabilitation Services.

“OSD’s Equipment Distribution Program offers telephone devices, such as amplified phones, captioned phones which automatically display conversation as text, and text telephones (TTYs) with keyboards that enable users to type messages that are transmitted over regular phone lines,” said Brandy Johnson, DRS equipment distribution program coordinator.

Home alerting devices that are available through the program include flashing or vibrating signalers. The assistive equipment will alert the consumer by vibration and-or flashing lights when the phone rings, an alarm clock buzzes, a smoke alarm sounds, a doorbell rings, a baby cries and-or when severe weather warnings are issued.

“It is an honor to be the home of the Equipment Distribution Program and one more way that the Oklahoma School for the Deaf fulfills its statutory role as a statewide resource on deafness,” OSD Superintendent Chris Dvorak said. “Brandy works hard each and every day to serve Oklahomans with all levels of hearing across all ages to improve access, equity and quality of life.”

For more information about OSD’s Equipment Distribution Program or other services for Oklahomans who are deaf or hard of hearing, visit www.osd.k12.ok.us/255639_2 or contact Johnson by phone at 580-622-4913, videophone for the deaf at 405-294-3977 or bjohnson@osd.k12.ok.us.

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