As summer fades into autumn, Brent Colvard of Hearth and Pool Services said they are staying busy with pools and fireplaces.

“This time of year, it comes in on both sides. There’s nothing we can do but try to keep up,” he said. “The stove side never really goes away because of new construction.”

Lately, the crew has been putting in new stoves, installing log sets, and working on pools and hot tubs.

As the weather has begun to cool down, owners may consider winterizing their swimming pools. Colvard said pool season can be extended with use of a heater, but even those have limitations.

“When the nights get cold and it starts getting into the 60s, it’s too cold to swim,” he said. “It’s best if homeowners keep up with it until they are ready to close it. Do not turn it off two or three weeks before closing it. It turns all green.”

Colvard said they always have calls for hot tub repairs.

“They are a year-round thing,” he said. “A lot of people don’t use them too much in the summer, so they want to get them working into the wintertime.”

Tony and Trica Yates of Sallisaw were shopping at Hearth and Pool Services for a wood-burning stove Thursday. She said that they’ve been burning wood for over 20 years, and are ready to upgrade the stove they have.

“My dad’s friend made it in Kentucky. It has no glass, and it’s not as efficient,” said Yates. “There’s nothing to me like wood heat. It’s so warming. We have central heat, but this helps when it’s really cold. When the electricity goes out, it helps.”

The shop also offers installation services, which is an important aspect of wood-burning units.

“Improper installations are one of the most common things we see,” said Nathan Wright, certified chimney sweep. “They’re not going by code or certification.”

Another big problem is people tend to buy and burn green wood, which can produce a lot of smoke and buildup over time, as well as not heat as efficiently.

“You need to know the wood is properly seasoned, and make sure it's good wood,” he said.

It takes Wright about 45 minutes to clean a chimney, and about an hour for a full fireplace. He recommends having any solid-wood-burning appliance inspected and cleaned once a year.

When in need of a chimney sweep, homeowners should clear out items rom around the fireplace, so workers have room to move.

One reminder Wright had is that combustibles, such as home decor or Christmas stockings, should never be hung or placed around stoves or fireplaces.

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