Secratts tout 'melt-in-your-mouth' beef

Renee Fite | Daily Press

Travis Wyman, left, and LaNelle McCully visit with the Secratts: Trey, 8; Ronnie Lee, 6; and mom, Jessica.Secratt Farms operates during the Tahlequah Farmers' Market.

Several entrepreneurs at Tahlequah Farmers' Market are selling excellent homegrown veggies, and a variety of vendors are offering breads, wines, essential oils and jewelry. But only one is selling "melt-in-your-mouth" beef.

This is the first year for Secratt Farms to be part of the Farmers' Market.

"It's so tender; I got the best sirloin last week. I've got dentures and it was so tender you could pull it apart," said LaNelle McCully. "It's the best I've had in many, many years."

Travis Wyman is treasurer of the Farmers' Market.

"I try to always shop local and support local business," said Wyman. "It's organic, local farm-raised, fresh as you can get."

On a recent weekend, he had T-bone, rib-eye, KC strip and ground beef on sale.

"They were all the best I've ever had," he said. "I grilled them out with my son, and they never even made it into the house. We just ate them right outside, and the burgers turned out beautiful. You can taste the differences, the flavor."

It isn't unusual for Jessica Secratt to sell out of the beef each Saturday. Son Trey, 8, and daughter Ronnie Lee, 6 like to come with their mom to the market.

"On our farm, we raise quality registered Hereford cattle and cross them either with other registered Herefords, registered Brahman, or registered Wagyum which gives the tender American-style Kobe beef," said Secratt.

Their goal is to raise high-quality cattle for people, whether for beef or to add to their herds.

"We are an all-natural farm, and we use no antibiotics or hormones in our beef," she said. "We feed our kids and family this meat, so we want it to be as healthy as possible without sacrificing good taste."

Jessica and husband Kenneth Jr. were raised around cattle, and this farm was something they planned to own as a couple.

"My husband and I have always been around cattle and loved farming," she said. "My dad owned and operated Tahlequah Mill and Elevator and had a farm at Welling."

Kenney's family has always had cattle as well.

"He worked on ranches through high school," she said, "After we got married, we always knew we wanted a farm of our own to raise cows and show our kids about farming. We purchased this farm in 2008."

As first-time vendors at the local market, Secratt said they enjoy the venue.

"We're always looking for other ways to bring our healthy beef to the community," she said. "I love to be at the market and meet people looking for good-quality groceries for their families. It's not as convenient as the conventional store, but the health benefits of shopping at the market are well worth it."

The Secratt Farm is Beef Quality Assurance-certified which means they use safe and humane handling practices with the cattle.

"Our cows are on pasture their whole life with access to grain from Livestock Nutrition Center at different times. They are never pinned up and forced to eat only grain," Secratt said. "We don't process ourselves here, but take them to a federal USDA-certified butchering facility."

A stay-at-home mom, Secratt also has 4-year-old identical twin girls, Robyn and Raya.

"The kids are very active in our farm," she said. "From bottle-feeding calves when we have some to picking up rocks on our place, they all have different chores they do to help keep things running smooth."

Welding is Kenneth's full time job.

"The farm takes a lot of time," she said, but they also have time for fun. "This summer, we started to visit some local state parks and participate in the state park passport program for the kids as a hobby. They love to be outdoors, as do we."

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