FORT GIBSON - During ServPro's 51st annual convention - the company's first "virtual" convention - top company representatives recognized the extraordinary performance of ServPro of Muskogee/McIntosh Counties and Tahlequah with the Chairman's Gold Award.

Originally scheduled for July 5-9 in Boston but reformatted due to restrictions and concerns surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, the online event kicked off with a live opening night reception on July 6 and wrapped up with a live awards show on July 9, when Arthur and Carrie Kelley of ServPro of Muskogee/McIntosh Counties and Tahlequah and other high-performing franchisees were recognized.

"It has been a challenging year for our business, because we had to balance delivering the world-class service that ServPro is known for with taking extra precautions to protect the health and well-being of both our team and our clients," said Arthur Kelley, ServPro of Muskogee/McIntosh Counties and Tahlequah owner. "Working in an uncharted environment, our team, along with ServPro franchisees across the country, responded with professionalism and compassion to serve our communities when they needed us. I'm enormously proud of our success this year, and proud, as always, to be a ServPro franchise owner."

While this year's convention was unconventional, it attracted a record-breaking number of registrations for franchises, owners, and teammates, with the franchise employee participation seeing the largest increase over previous years' gatherings. Convention organizers presented 34 prerecorded workshops and five live workshops during the actual convention week but made that content available to registered "attendees" for two full weeks.

During that time, convention organizers tallied nearly 39,500 workshop views, and a total of 3,000 individual viewers tuned in for one or more of the general sessions. Keynote Speaker Kevin Brown attracted 1,800 concurrent viewers for his presentation alone.

ServPro's professional services network now includes more than 1,800 individually owned and operated franchises across the U.S. and Canada. For more information about ServPro of Muskogee/McIntosh Counties and Tahlequah, an award-winning member of ServPro's team of dedicated disaster remediation professionals, visit

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