The U.S. Attorney's Office in Muskogee has announced a Tahlequah man was indicted by a federal grand jury.

On Wednesday, Jan. 13, U.S. Attorney Brian J. Kuester reported the results of the October, November, and December 2020 federal grand jury deliberations.

"The combined grand jury sessions returned 41 unsealed and 11 sealed indictments on crimes ranging from kidnapping, federal firearms offenses, robbery, drug trafficking/distribution, child exploitation, aggravated sexual assaults in Indian country, manslaughter, and murder in Indian Country," the announcement stated.

Michael David Jackson, 38, was charged with multiple counts of sex crimes in relation to the sexual abuse of a minor in Indian Country.

An indictment alleged that in 2019, Jackson engaged in aggravated sexual activity with a child who was under age 12.

Others from the area were also indicted.

Welling resident Marvin Lee Burleson was hit with several charges, including felon in possession of firearm; possession of firearm by prohibited person; false statement during purchase of a firearm; and aggravated identity theft during purchase of a firearm (three counts).

Burleson, 49, a prior convicted felon of Welling, is charged with using a false statement and committing identity theft on multiple occasions to illegally acquire firearms. The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives is the primary investigative agency.

Jerry Wayne Dick, 27, of Wagoner, was charged with involuntary manslaughter after striking and causing the death of Zachary O'Connell, while traveling at a high rate of speed.

Brandon Allen Howe, 38, of Wagoner, was charged with burglarizing motor vehicles. One of the vehicles included a Braggs Public School bus.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation was the primary investigative agency those two cases.

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