Sex offender who fondled himself in video store gets 12 years in prison


A sex offender from Park Hill was sentenced to 12 years to the Department of Corrections for an indecent exposure incident.

Christopher Rotenberry was arrested April 14 after he was found naked in the adult section at Family Video. Upon arrival, police found him in the adult section, which was secluded from the rest of the store.

When they entered the room, police saw Rotenberry lying on his back, naked and fondling himself on a table. Rotenberry was instructed to roll over on his stomach and place his hands behind his back, whereupon he was placed in hand restraints.

He was also made to put on a pair of shorts before he was escorted outside and put in a patrol vehicle.

According to a witness, Rotenberry approached her with his genitals exposed and told her she looked "good." Employees promptly called the police. While employees waited for authorities to arrive, the suspect was allegedly walking around the store naked, touching himself.

Rotenberry was booked for indecent exposure and a registered sex offender within 1,000 feet of a park.

He appeared in Cherokee County District Court before District Judge Doug Kirkley for the sentencing on Sept. 12.

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