An intoxicated man fought with deputies and spit blood in the face of one.

On Feb. 20, Cherokee County Sgt. Tanner Hendley was dispatched to Stilwell on a report of an assault and battery. Dispatch advised Bruce Miller and Sarah Martin were assaulted by Joshua Swafford. Miller said Swafford shoved him three times so Miller left the residence. Martin said she was in the shower when Swafford pulled her out and knocked her to the ground. She said she got dressed and drove to Miller’s house. Hendley and Deputy Jesse Mitchell went to Swafford’s residence and asked him to step outside. Deputies spent over an hour waiting for other agencies to show. Before the assisting agency got there, Mitchell talked Swafford into coming outside with his hands up. The man was extremely intoxicated and began resisting as he was escorted to Mitchell’s patrol unit. Hendley told Swafford he would be pepper-sprayed if he didn’t comply. Swafford ended up being sprayed when he began to kick toward Hendley. Once Swafford was inside the patrol unit, Hendley began to search him for weapons, but the man tried to bite him and was struck in his upper lip and nose. Deputies were securing the house when Mitchell heard Swafford yelling for help. Mitchell checked on the man, and that was when Swafford spit blood and the pepper spray into Mitchell’s face. A spit mask was placed and Swafford and he was transported to the Cherokee County Detention Center for booking.

On Feb. 19, Deputy Pete Broderick was on patrol when he noticed a vehicle abruptly stop in front of a house on Acuff Avenue. The driver, Trae Cordell, walked to rear of the vehicle and Broderick asked if they were OK. Cordell threw a key behind the vehicle and stated it wasn’t his. Cleo Gomez exited the vehicle and told Broderick she had just purchased it from a friend. Broderick noticed the vehicle has been spray-painted black, and Cordell and Gomez said they painted it because they wanted to. Broderick ran the vehicle information and it came back stolen out of Tahlequah. Both Cordell and Gomez were clear of warrants, but they both had suspended driver’s licenses. Cordell said he was driving because Gomez didn’t want to drive in the snow. She claimed she bought the vehicle for $150 from a man named Dustin, but wouldn’t give deputies his last name. Cordell and Gomez were transported to the Cherokee County Detention Center for possession of a stolen vehicle. Deputy Jimmy Tannehill advised he found three loaded syringes with a black substance and a glass pipe with residue.

Deputy Aaron Johnson was dispatched for a theft report on Feb. 15. Brandon Hadley stated he came to his farm to do some work when he noticed several items and equipment were missing. Hadley was notified by a friend that a generator, which looked like his, was listed for sale on Facebook. Hadley had his friend tell the woman who was selling the equipment that he wanted to buy it, and to meet him at Walmart. Johnson went to Walmart and made contact with the woman, who claimed Jonathan Scott had the generator and asked her to take it to Walmart to meet a potential buyer. Hadley confirmed the generator was his and showed Johnson where the stabilizer boot was missing. Scott told the deputy he was the man they were looking for. Scott said he was walking in the woods when he found the generator. He said he took it with him so he could work on it and sell it. Scott was arrested and booked on charges of second-degree burglary and knowingly concealing stolen property.

On Feb. 19, Deputy Robert Stephens responded to North 495 Road. The caller stated Kelli Walling walked down the road and deputies found her sitting in the snow. Walling was arrested for public intoxication and transported to jail

On Feb. 13, Sgt. Hendley responded to 720 Road in Hulbert on a report of an assault. Dispatch advised the caller said a neighbor threw a rock at her dog. Melanie Comer said she let her dog outside and it went onto the neighbor’s property. She said Elijah Scott threw rocks at the dog and continued to throw rocks as she was getting the animal. Comer said she tried to reach over the fence to get the dog. and Scott threw a rock at her. Scott claimed the dog was barking viciously, and he threw the rocks to scare it. He said he never threw rocks at Comer.

On Feb. 21, Deputy Rick Ward responded to Hulbert to meet with a property owner about a theft. Mike Giles stated his houseboat had been broken into and showed Ward where the door had been pried open. Giles reported at least $850 worth of water skies and a $200 work bench were stolen.

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