A wanted man ditched his vehicle and ran from deputies before a traffic stop.

On Oct. 6, Cherokee County Sheriff’s Deputy Kile Turley was on patrol in the area of 530 Road when he noticed a vehicle behind him. Turley pulled up to a three-way intersection and waited for the SUV to approach, but the driver turned around and headed back in the opposite direction. Turley turned around to catch up to the vehicle, but lost sight of it. The deputy followed the only trail nearby and saw someone run into a wooded area. The vehicle was underneath a bridge and a woman was in the passenger seat. She said a man was giving her a ride home, but turned around and parked under the bridge. Turley found papers in the glovebox that were addressed to a man, whom the woman identified as the driver who took off running. Dispatched advised the man had warrants and a suspended driver’s license. Turley searched the vehicle and found a bag that contained syringes and methamphetamine. The woman was given a ride into Tahlequah.

Deputy James Carver was on patrol on 569 Road on Oct. 8 when he noticed a vehicle with a defective brake light. Carver conducted a traffic stop on Denver Richardson and Toni Birchfield, who had warrants. There was a a glass pipe inside the vehicle and both occupants denied ownership. Richardson and Birchfield were transported to the Cherokee County Detention Center and booked.

On Oct. 5, Deputy Turley was dispatched to Oklahoma Station on a report of a man lying in the parking lot. Turley arrived to find Jerry Chowaniec moving around and screaming. The man said he was stretching, and told the deputy his identification card was inside his bag  on a table. Turley could see a bottle of marijuana and a pipe on the table. Chowaniec had his medical marijuana card, but Turley told him he appeared too impaired. Chowaniec became angry before a field sobriety test and looked as if he were going to fight the deputy. Chowaniec was arrested for public intoxication.

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