On Oct. 2, a man reported that while he was riding his motorcycle down State Highway 51, a maroon Kia pulled out in front of him. The driver of the Kia then slowed down. When the motorcyclist tried to pass the Kia, it swerved into him. Josh Keys said he was run off the road, but was able to come to a safe stop. The driver of the Kia then stopped in the middle of the road and told Keys if he tried to leave, he would shoot him, and that he couldn’t pass at that location. The driver of the Kia then left the scene. The motorcycle had damage and Keys sustained a small scrape on his right elbow.

Deputies were dispatched to South Indian Road and West Pettit Bay on Oct. 6, for a woman who was sitting in the roadway. When Deputy Ryan Patton arrived, Deputy Jimmy Tannehill had Karen Culwell sitting on the ground, waiting for Cherokee Nation EMS to arrive. Culwell kept telling deputies her mother was trying to take all of the children in Cherokee County and give them to the Mexican mafia. When EMS arrived, Culwell began screaming and deputies held her back until she began kicking them. The pair pulled her down to the ground and placed her in handcuffs. She was put in Patton’s vehicle, where she began kicking the passenger window. She kicked at Patton as he opened the door, at which time he pepper-sprayed her. She was taken to the Cherokee County Detention Center.

On Oct. 8, Sgt. Brad Baker was traveling down State Highway 82 in Keys when he suspected the driver of a white truck in front him was impaired after noticing him drive partially in both lanes. When Baker pulled the driver over, Rickie Christie stepped out of his truck and started to roll backward. He hopped back in and put it in park. When Baker was running Christie’s information, dispatch informed him he had a warrant for first-degree manslaughter, so he was arrested. While searching the vehicle, Baker found a large trash bag full of marijuana, which weighed more than a pound. He was taken to the CCDC.

Deputy Adam Woodard was taking a report Oct. 9, of a prowler on North 447 Road, when a homeowner told him a man knocked on the side door of her home to ask her for help and to bum a cigarette. Rickey Miller, who had trespassed on a property behind a large iron gate, said he was not welcome where he was staying and was asking neighbors within walking distance for a ride. The man had bloodshot, glassy eyes, slurred his speech, and exuded a strong odor of alcohol. Miller admitted to drinking, and a glass pipe with a crystalline white power in it was found on him. He was taken to jail for public intoxication and possession of paraphernalia.

Deputy Kyle Turley pulled over Hubbard Stanley III on Oct. 10, after he was seen driving over the middle line on S.H. 51. When asked if he had anything to drink, he told the deputy he only had two beers. After performing a field sobriety test, Turley told the man he believed he had consumed more than two beers. “Yeah, you’re right,” said the man. A handgun was found in the truck Stanley was driving. He was transported to the CCDC and booked for driving under the influence and possession of a firearm while under the influence.

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