Sheriff's deputies stayed busy with recent traffic stops wherein they discovered heroin and meth.

On Nov. 29, Cherokee County Sheriff’s Deputy Kile Turley was on patrol on Groat Road when he noticed the taillights of a truck were defective. Turley conducted a traffic stop and made contact with Paula Smith, Micky Wynn and Candice Bear. Dispatch advised Smith’s license was suspended; Wynn didn’t have a license; and Bear’s license was expired, and she had a warrant. Bear was arrested and Turley searched the vehicle before it was impounded. According to Turley’s report, he found a cut straw with brown residue on it, a smoking pipe, and two more straws with a crystal-like substance on them. Aluminum foil packets were found inside Smith’s wallet, and those tested positive for heroin. The glass pipe tested positive for methamphetamine. Both Smith and Wynn denied ownership of the drug paraphernalia, and all three occupants were transported to the Cherokee County Detention Center for booking.

Deputy Turley conducted a traffic stop on Nov. 27 for a vehicle with a defective brake light. Brian Gregory said he didn't have a driver’s license and dispatch advised he had warrants. Gregory was immediately arrested and Turley searched the vehicle. The deputy found THC concentrate and heroin in the center console. Turley also found a box that contained two spoons, a syringe, aluminum foil with burned residue and two torch lighters. Gregory told the deputy he had methamphetamine in his waistband, and jail officers found it during the booking process. Gregory wasn’t charged with bringing in contraband, since he told Turley before he was taken into jail.

On Nov. 25, Deputy James Carver observed a vehicle parked at Dollar General shortly after 1:30 a.m. Aubriee Renae Sizemore said she called Haden Ray Webster to give her a ride, and she was just dropped off. Carver said Webster appeared to be nervous while the two spoke, and wouldn’t answer the deputy’s questions. Sizemore admitted there was a smoking pipe in her purse when asked if there was anything in the vehicle. Webster said he had a syringe in the center console. Carver was standing outside of the vehicle and could see a plastic bag that had aluminum foil on top of it. The foil piece contained a white powder substance. Webster and Sizemore claimed they didn’t know anything about the foil. Carver looked through Sizemore’s purse and found a glass pipe and a white-rock substance. Carver searched the vehicle and found what appeared to be heroin inside a rolled up foil ball. Webster and Sizemore were arrested for possession of methamphetamine and possession of heroin.

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