A convicted felon was arrested after he told a woman to hide methamphetamine and pills during a traffic stop.

On Dec. 1, Cherokee County Sheriff’s Deputy Kile Turley was driving on 520 Road when he noticed a truck cross the center line. Turley conducted a traffic stop on Kenneth Cole and Felicia Cochran. Cole said he didn’t have a driver’s license and was asked to exit the vehicle because there were several knives within his range. The tag to the truck came back to a Hummer, and dispatch advised Cochran had warrants. Turley asked the woman if she had anything illegal on her, and she whispered something to the deputy. Cochran pulled out a glass vial from inside her pants and told Turley it was methamphetamine and Xanax. Cochran claimed Cole told her to hide the vial when they were getting pulled over. Cole took ownership of vial and admitted he told Cochran to hide it. Cole was patted down and had a pocketful of .22 rounds. He said there were two firearms inside the truck and that he was a convicted felon. Turley searched the vehicle and found a tub full of marijuana and THC wax. Cole and Cochran were transported to jail and booked.

Deputy Tanner Hendley was dispatched to Wellington Road on Nov. 27 for a report of suspicious activity. The caller said a man on a bicycle was possibly selling drugs on Good Night Lane. Hendley found the suspect and two other men on the side of the roadway. One of the men said they asked Wendell Lang Holcomb if he was carrying drugs. Holcomb purportedly pulled out a bag of marijuana and a smoking pipe from a backpack. Hendley was advised that Holcomb had a warrant and arrested him. The deputy found drug paraphernalia, methamphetamine and more marijuana when he searched the backpack and Holcomb. He was taken to the Cherokee County Detention Center and booked. Holcomb said the two men kept him from leaving and threatened him. He told Hendley he wanted to press charges.

On Nov. 12, Deputy Rick Ward responded to 646 Road in regard to a trespassing complaint. Robert Sanford said vehicles were parked on his property, in front of a new fence with signage that read “No parking” and “No trespassing.” Sanford asked the vehicle owners to move and they complied. He said a man who is banned from the property had deliberately crossed over the fence and flipped him off when he told him he was trespassing.

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