A man was arrested even after he was given a chance not to go to jail on Wednesday.

On June 9, Cherokee County Sheriff's Deputy Kile Turley was on patrol just after 4 a.m. when he noticed a vehicle traveling without headlights on. Turley conducted a traffic stop when he met with Daniel Moody, who appeared to be intoxicated. The deputy had Moody perform a field sobriety test and stated he believed Moody was under the influence, but his motor skills were OK. Turley told the man he couldn't drive, but he could call someone to come get him and his vehicle. Moody kept trying to get back into his vehicle while he called someone to come get him. Turley told him to stand by his patrol unit, but Moody said he didn't have to listen to him since he wasn't under arrest. Moody tried to get in his vehicle again and was arrested for public intoxication. Turley searched the vehicle when he found a glass pipe, marijuana, and an open container of alcohol. Moody was transported to the Cherokee County Detention Center.

A woman told deputies a former employee was harassing her on June 1. She said she fired the man and he kept sending workers on her property. The woman said the man made threats to her and told her to hire him back. She stated she wanted to press charges.

Deputy Jimmy Tannehill responded to the Tahlequah Police Department on June 8 in regard to stolen vehicle. Trenton Harris stated his 2015 Chevy Impala was stolen by a group of people. A woman said she left her wallet in the center console of her car and that was stolen.

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