A man told deputies he hadn’t done drugs in 20 years, but then changed his story after methamphetamine was found inside his vehicle.

On July 21, Cherokee County Sheriff’s Deputy James Carver was on patrol when he spotted an expired paper tag on a vehicle. Carver conducted a traffic stop on the driver, Joseph Dart, who said he wasn’t aware the tag was out of date. Carver said the man seemed nervous, and under the influence of a narcotic, so Carver asked for his driver’s license and whether he had taken any drugs. Dart denied it and added he hadn’t taken drugs in 20 years. However, Dart told the deputy there may be something in the vehicle that a friend had left. Carver’s K-9 partner, Gunner, alerted to the odor of narcotics near the driver’s side door. The deputy found a baggie with white residue, a baggie of methamphetamine, and three straws with residue inside them. Dart ultimately admitted he snorted meth about an hour before he was pulled over and said the drugs belonged to him. Dart was transported to the Cherokee County Detention Center and booked.

Deputy Jesse Mitchell was dispatched to Stone Hollow on June 19 for a reported assault and battery. A woman said her husband left the residence on his motorcycle and he was supposedly under the influence. She said the man had been drinking all day and became upset with her. She added that he choked her and punched her in front of three children. Mitchell spoke with the children separately and all three stories were consistent with what the victim had said.

On July 20, Deputy Carver responded to 367 Road in regard to a domestic dispute. The victim said her husband choked her and threatened to kill her. The victim said she and her husband had been drinking that night, and he left the residence after she called 911.

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