A simple traffic offense landed one man in jail after deputies found drug paraphernalia, marijuana, and alcohol.

On Sept. 12, Cherokee County Sheriff's Deputy Kile Turley was on patrol on State Highway 82 when he saw a truck pulling a camper that didn't have operating lights. Turley conducted a traffic stop on Bryan Sanders, who gave off a strong odor of alcohol. Sanders appeared confused and couldn't answer questions. Turley patted him down and found a syringe that Sanders said was used for meth. Sanders was arrested after a field sobriety test, and Turley searched the vehicle for inventory. The deputy found marijuana and an open bottle of vodka inside the vehicle. Sanders was transported to the Cherokee County Detention Center and booked.

Deputy Jimmy Tannehill was dispatched to Murrell Road on Sept. 11 on a report of a disturbance. A woman said Jason Hijazi was at her front door and tried to break it down. Tannehill made contact with Hijazi at the residence and could see he was under the influence. Hijazi admitted he smoked marijuana, and was arrested for public intoxication, tribal hold.

Deputy Turley was on patrol Sept. 11 when he noticed the vehicle in front of him swerving in and out of traffic. Turley made contact with the driver, Bill Buffalomeat, who appeared intoxicated. The man denied taking any drugs or consuming any alcohol, even though the deputy could smell the odor of alcohol on him. Buffalomeat was arrested for driving under the influence after a field sobriety test. Turley searched the man's vehicle and found marijuana, rolling papers, and a digital scale. Buffalomeat was transported to jail and booked.

Sgt. Pete Broderick was dispatched to a report of an unattended death on Bryant Road, where he met with Northeastern Health System EMS personnel. They told Broderick that a woman was pronounced dead. Broderick and Sgt. Brad Baker could see a pistol under the woman's legs. The Medical Examiner was dispatched, but the woman appeared to have taken her own life.

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