Video footage showed a store employee stab an aggressive man in self-defense.

On Sept. 6, Cherokee County Sheriff’s Lt. Jarrod Rye was dispatched to Log Store North on a report of a stabbing. Dispatch advised an employee had stabbed a man, who fled the area. The employee said he was sitting outside when a man showed up and began making threats. The worker said he told the suspect to leave several times and was armed with a pocket knife. The man allegedly lunged toward the employee, who stabbed the suspect in the stomach area. The man ran to a vehicle and drove away. Dispatch advised wounded man was at Cherokee Nation’s W.W. Hastings Hospital for treatment. The man said he was at the store and heard screaming coming from the back of the building. He claimed the employee lunged at him before he was stabbed. Rye spoke with the store manager and looked at video footage of the incident. It showed the man walk up to the employee, and the two exchanged words. The employee stepped aside to create distance when the man lunged toward him. Rye said the man wasn’t arrested at the time, since he was in the hospital with a stab wound.

Deputy Blake Lyons was on patrol Sept. 5 when he saw a vehicle nearly crash into a street gate on Nalley Road. The vehicle made a few traffic violations and Lyons activated his emergency lights. The vehicle continued on Nalley Road and eventually came to a stop. Erick Cloude had a bottle of vodka in the cup holder and he appeared intoxicated. Cloude told the deputy he was having a rough day and thought he was trying to get around him. Cloude was arrested and booked for tribal charges of driving under the influence and transporting an open container.

On Sept. 3, Sgt. Ryan Robison responded to Hammer Hill Road in regard to a disturbance. Dispatch advised Joshua Bird was on the property and trying to take his brother from the residence. The homeowners have guardianship of the boy, and Hulbert Police Chief Carl Smith had Bird detained. Robison said Bird was sweating profusely and speaking erratically about becoming a werewolf and a vampire. Bird, who admitted to smoking meth the previous night, was transported to the Cherokee County Detention Center, where he defecated on himself. He was booked on tribal charges of public intoxication.

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