Students are taking a trip to a galaxy far, far away during the Jedi Academy camp held at Northeastern State University.

This day camp for ages 6- 8 teaches kids many different aspects of being a Jedi. It is one of the Robotics Academy of Critical Engagement Summer Youth Academies.

David Fuller, instructor and Jedi master, brought the "Star Wars" world to life with his class. He played scores from the movie and spoke to all the students as if they were true Jedis.

“We’ve immersed ourselves into the Jedi mindset,” said Fuller. “We’re learning how to think like a Jedi and how to learn the difference between the Sith and the Jedi.”

In "Star Wars," the Sith and the Jedi represent opposite sides of the Force, a mysterious energy that some are able to harness. The Jedi rely on peace, serenity and knowledge, while the Sith focus their learnings on strength and passion. Students are being sorted into which side of the Force they reside in during Wednesday's camp.

“Today they have been working on different Jedi mind powers and how to keep their minds at ease,” Fuller said Tuesday. “Tomorrow they will begin the different physical aspects of being a Jedi and will be grouped into teams of either Sith, Jedi or Dark Jedi.”

Fuller implemented memory exercises and a game of hide-and-seek to keep their minds working at all times. Zeke Scott, an up and coming Jedi, believes the mind is a very useful tool.

“If you don’t focus, you can’t prepare for what’s coming,” said Zeke.

Alongside this, the students used their imaginations to create different things in the video game Minecraft. They made a number of different "Star Wars"-themed bases and ships, most based around Galaxy’s Edge, the "Star Wars" area at Disney World.

Alexander Toyne created several different and exciting things in the Minecraft server they all shared.

“I built a bunch of ships like a TIE Fighter and the Millennium Falcon,” said Alexander. “I also built a rebel base.”

To keep the students engaged, Fuller played "Star Wars" music during the different activities. They also watched the "Star Wars" animated show in the latter half of all of their lessons.

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