Students tie jewelry creations into science

Grant D. Crawford | Daily Press

Ally Self colors a Shrinky Dink during Northeastern State University's Jewelry Creation Summer Youth Day Camp.

Students applied their knowledge of science to art projects at Northeastern State University's Summer Youth Day Camp Monday, this one focusing on jewelry creation.

The students studied fingerprints and the solar system before working on a couple of art projects. For one lesson, the students used a Merge Cube with a smartphone or tablet camera. The cube then appears as a hologram on the phone, which students can manipulate and explore.

"So you can look at the solar system, the sun and all the planets around it," said Kd Scruggs, camp instructor. "Then you can see all the information about them. So we did a scavenger hunt where they had to find certain stuff about the solar system, and we did a point system to see who can find the information first."

The group then made solar system bracelets after studying the alignment and intricacy of nearby planets. The youngsters also got a chance to make their own necklaces after studying fingerprints, and then using them to print onto a locket.

"They used their fingerprint - their pinky print, because [the locket] is so small - and we studied the fingerprints and how all the fingerprints have different whirls or arches," said Scruggs. "They took their little sketch book, had to draw it out, and write what kind their fingerprint they have. Emma [Bates] was in here last week and drew a thumbprint last week, so she noticed that her thumbprint has a different pattern than her pinky. So that was really neat."

Another project for the students featured personalized magnets. Scruggs gave each of them a bottle cap and asked that they pick a place special to them with which to design the cap. Camper Emma said she wanted to pick a place where she visits often with family.

"This one is a place that we were born or that's special," said Emma. "I did Norman, because that's where I like to go and stuff. My uncle Kyle lives there right now and I come to visit him."

An old toy that has been used for years to create trinkets is still enjoyable for youth today, as the students used Shrinky Dinks to design a key chain or turn into a bracelet. Scruggs said the old-school activity kits allow students to cut shapes out a of thin sheet of polystyrene. When heated up, the shapes shrink and harden, but retain their original color and shape.

Ben Brashear took inspiration from Vexx Doodle, an online art platform.

"I'm going off one of my sketches that I drew from an example off of [Vexx Doodle]," said Ben. "I'm copying designs off of it. It's YouTube channel I watch. He's an artist."

Other campers drew characters from their favorite movies and video games. One camper drew Pikachu from the Pokémon video game series, while Ally Self drew a picture of Stitch from the movie "Lilo & Stitch."

"I went to Disney a while ago and Stitch was one of my favorite interactions," Ally said. "He was just a little bit taller them me. I went to the one in Florida about a month ago."

Today, Tuesday, the campers participation in the NSU Summer Youth Day Camp will get to live in their own virtual reality by using green screens and lighting.

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