Elton Littlecook

A drunken man was arrested after officers had to deploy Tasers to get him under control.

On Oct. 26, Tahlequah Police Officer Matthew Frits was called to Domino's Pizza about a man who was hanging around. Dispatch advised the man was lying on the pavement near a trash bin behind the restaurant.

Frits had dealt with the same man, Elton Littlecook, earlier that day and had told him to leave the area because he was loitering. Because of his trespassing, the officer told Littlecook to stand and put his hands behind his back.

Littlecook refused several times to stand, and Frits said the suspect was clearly intoxicated. Frits pulled his Taser and told him to get up and turn around. Littlecook said, "...and get your ass whipped, too!" before he lunged toward the officer.

Frits deployed his Taser and hit the man in his lower thigh area. Littlecook fell backward, and Frits said he still refused to cooperate.

"I then pulled the trigger on my Taser once again and engaged my Taser, but it was ineffective this time," Frits said in the report. "Mr. Littlecook then hit me in the face with his left hand, and I engaged my Taser once again, but the Taser was ineffective."

Frits told the suspect to give him his hands, but he kept refusing, so Frits struck him in the head with his fist. He notified dispatch to send more officers and added his welfare was OK.

The two men continued to struggle until Officer Robbie Bacon arrived to assist. After the two officers gained control of Littlecook and handcuffed him, EMS was called to check on his condition. Littlecook was given medical attention for cuts on his face and was cleared by EMS. He was then taken to the Cherokee County Detention Center and booked for public intoxication, assault and battery on an executive officer, trespassing after being forbidden, and resisting an executive officer.

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