Student Wellness Action Teams at several schools in Cherokee County marked off a number of achievements during the spring semester.

Tahlequah SWAT hosted a disc golf tournament for the end-of-the-year activity. Throughout the spring semester, the SWAT students were able to get bags to carry the discs in, as they moved their way around the disc golf course. Students were able to practice their skills to prepare themselves to participate in the tournament. On the tournament date, there were five participants. The SWAT mentor Madison Conn said they had a tie for first place and had to have several head-to-head challenges to get a winner. She said the kids had a blast participating, and that SWAT students wanted to share with others that playing disc golf is a form of being physically active while having fun.

Keys School's SWAT teams found it difficult to find the time or the place to work out and participate in physical activity this semester. So SWAT students thought having a workout program after school would allow them to keep in shape and let some energy out to help keep their minds and bodies healthy. Students understand that being physically active helps with their schoolwork and their mental health. With COVID-19 playing a big part in this year’s school activities, they believe being active helped alleviate some of the stress.

Meanwhile, Tenkiller School's SWAT members recently invited Cherokee Nation to present a tobacco presentation to 5-8 grades. The SWAT team wanted to use a media tool the student body sees every day to inform participants of the dangers of tobacco use. They believed the use of a projector and individuals presenting would keep the attention of the students, as well as using media in an effective way.

For more information or resources on quitting tobacco use, call 1-800-QUITNOW or visit For physical activity and nutrition ideas, visit

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