The Tahlequah City Council, during a May 3 meeting, approved a carnival and amusement ride application.

Compliance Coordinator Ray Hammons said the annual event is slated for May 26-31, and will in the parking lot at 1223 Park Hill Road.

“Last year, we denied them to have the carnival because COVID-19 was really kicking in,” said Hammons. “They were seeing that across the country, but now, things are starting to lighten up, and I think they’ve gotten a lot of traction as far as going to other cities.”

Planning and Developing Director Taylor Tannehill updated the public with the bid process to the city’s new dog park.

“We do have the bids out for advertisement right now; they have been advertised for past two weekends, and bid opening is scheduled for May 18. The contract would be awarded at the regular meeting of June 7,” Tannehill said. “We’ll have the award date, then and probably have 30 days to allow the contractor to start at that point.”

The Local 4099 Professional Firefighters gave special recognition to Fire Chief Casey Baker.

Travis Miller, president of Local 4099, who's been a firefighter in Tahlequah for 22 years, praised Baker for his accomplishments and leadership.

“Chief Casey Baker is the epitome of a strong leader [and] Chief Baker has been the consummate professional during this global pandemic,” said Miller. “During this past year, the Tahlequah Fire Department, under his leadership and guidance, has been able to add 16 new emergency first responders to the department, six new HAZMAT [hazardous materials] technicians, not to mention that the entire TFD is now either certified in HAZMAT operations of awareness.”

Baker was given a Citation of Appreciation as the firefighters with TFD applauded him.

The board gave nod to Police Chief Nate King’s request for the department’s canine contract, School Resource Officer contract, and a new contract to house municipal prisoners from Fort Gibson.

Mayor Sue Catron appointed Rachel Dallis as municipal judge for Tahlequah. Dallis was temporarily named in place of the late Donn F. Baker.

What’s next

The next Tahlequah City Council meeting is Monday, May 17 at 5:30 p.m. in the council chambers at City Hall.

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