Tenants of trailer park to relocate after tribe buys parcel of land

Keri Gordon | Daily Press

Tenants of the Village Mobile Home Park in Cherokee County are forced to vacate within 90 days after the property was purchased by Cherokee Nation.

Tenants at a trailer park south of Tahlequah are being forced to vacate after the property was bought by Cherokee Nation.

Several people who reside at the Village Mobile Home Park, on 17746 S. Muskogee Ave., were given letters, and three provided copies to the Tahlequah Daily Press.

According to the letter, which was signed by CN Human Services Executive Director Jennifer Kirby, tenancy of the property was to be terminated within 30 days dated on the legal notice.

“On or prior to that date, you will be required to remove all goods and effects and vacate the premises in as good a condition as when delivered to you, ordinary wear and tear expected,” the letter stated.

The CN Communications team advised that the acquisition of the property is part of a “larger strategy to improve services to the Cherokee people.”

While tenants were required to relocate within 30 days of the notice, CN has extended the deadline and is giving them 90 days to relocate, beginning May 20.

“The tribe is also assisting Cherokee tenants living on the property with resources to help with relocation, including up to $2,000, and has offered to connect non-Cherokee tenants with other community services that can assist in relocating,” CN Communications said.

The tenant who first notified TDP of the "eviction" said that since that time, she's talked to someone at CN and been given assurance the tribe would do its best to help her relocate.

According to the warranty deed that was obtained from the Cherokee County Clerk’s office, Lois E. Choate had owned the property before CN purchased it in March of this year.

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