Three people were arrested after officers responded to a trespassing at a clothing store.

On Nov. 21, Tahlequah Police Officer Matthew Frits was called to Factory Connection on a report of a person on the property who had been banned. Dispatch notified him the person had stolen from the store earlier in the week and he was wearing a blue long-sleeved shirt.

When the officer entered the store, he saw Cody Hawkins walking around and wearing the blue shirt. Hawkins asked his name and what he was doing in the store. Hawkins said he was shopping but was hesitant to say his name.

Frits asked if he had been previously banned from the store, and Hawkins denied that. The officer said he patted him down and removed items from his pockets. He told Hawkins he was being detained.

Officer Bronson McNiel confronted Thomas Jumper, who was with Hawkins. The store cashier said Hawkins had not been banned from the store but he had allegedly shoplifted earlier that week. Both Hawkins and Jumper were detained in the middle of the store.

Lt. Brandon Vick ran the tag information of the 2019 Toyota Tundra in which Hawkins had arrived. Dispatch said the tag was reported stolen out of Broken Arrow. Hawkins reportedly said the vehicle was his friend's and that he had borrowed it from Muskogee.

Frits ran the VIN number and the information came back to Donald Howdeshell Jr. out of Muskogee. According to the VIN number, the original tag of the Tundra was a certain number but the "stolen" tag had a different number. That tag was registered to Christopher Buckmaster, who told police he has already replaced the stolen tag.

Morgan Drywater told officers she was with Hawkins and Jumper. During an inventory of the Tundra, Vick said he found a purse that contained syringes and Suboxone.

"A short time later, Ms. Drywater then advised Lt. Vick that the purse was hers and then grabbed it," Frits said in the report. "After Lt. Vick advised her of what he found in the purse, Ms. Drywater then stated that the purse did not belong to her."

Drywater was arrested for possession of drug paraphernalia and possession of a controlled dangerous substance without a valid prescription.

Hawkins was arrested for knowingly concealing stolen property and taken to the Cherokee County Detention Center for booking. Jumper was taken to city jail for a warrant.

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