Authorities are looking to arrest a man who allegedly had sex with a teenager.

On Oct. 30, Cherokee County Sheriff's Deputy Kaitlin Rafalko was told about a rape investigation in progress. A 15-year-old girl said she sneaked out of her house in September to meet with 26-year-old Marcus Jay Adair.

According to the sheriff's report, the mother of the girl said she was made aware of the incident, but she had not tried to contact the authorities to report it.

"In the interview, [she] disclosed the name of Adair, as well as the way both contacted each other, which was through Instagram and Facebook Messenger," Rafalko said.

The girl said Adair knew how old she was when the two began exchanging messages and photos of each other.

"She stated they had only met up once on Sept. 25, when Adair came to her residence up the road, where they had sexual intercourse," Rafalko said.

The girl said Adair left bruises on her and told her he was going to get her pregnant.

Sgt. Ryan Robison met with Adair on Nov. 24 at the sheriff's office when Adair admitted to talking with the girl on social media. Adair denied meeting with the girl and wasn't able to provide Robison with their online conversations.

"Marcus provided his user name on Instagram and Facebook. They matched the name [she] provided and are the same as in the conversations collected from her account. Marcus denied sending her anything sexual in nature," Robison said.

Adair said the girl told him she was "old enough," and eventually claimed she was 16 years old.

As of Dec. 4, Robison said he has requested a warrant for the arrest of Adair for first-degree rape.

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