A Tahlequah lawyer scheduled for a March 3 trial on federal weapons and drug charges was denied by a judge on Monday, Feb. 3, his request to get out of jail after being arrested for allegedly violating conditions of his pretrial bond.

Haskell Doak Willis, a former assistant district attorney in Cherokee County, was indicted Nov. 7 by a federal grand jury for allegedly possessing 24 firearms, obtained through interstate commerce, after being convicted of a felony. Willis purportedly had methamphetamine when a search warrant was executed Aug. 26.

Willis was released Nov. 8 on an unsecured $2,500 bond, but a petition seeking an arrest warrant was filed Jan. 24 after Willis was not at his residence Jan. 22 when a home visit was made. Willis had been ordered, through his attorney, to report to the Pretrial Services Office by 8 a.m. Jan. 23, and did not comply. The conditions of his release required Willis to "report as directed and permit a pretrial services officer to visit defendant's home or elsewhere and permit confiscation of any contraband observed in plain view."

Court officials in Muskogee said Willis is likely to remain in jail at least until his trial, although his attorney might seek again to have him released.

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