A Wagoner County woman accused of killing and dismembering her roommate in 2020 was extradited last month to Wisconsin, where she was charged last year with two counts of attempted homicide after she allegedly tried to poison her neighbors in 2014.

After the extradition, a warrant for failure to appear in Wagoner County District Court was issued for Kore Bommeli, 61.

On Jan. 22, 2021, District Attorney Jack Thorp announced that Bommeli had been charged with murdering Talina Galloway, 53, after the victim’s remains were reportedly found in a freezer in Polk County, Arkansas. The freezer was said to have had tape around it.

Reports indicated that Bommeli told the Wagoner County Sheriff’s Office on April 17, 2020, that Galloway was missing. During the investigation, however, Bommeli reportedly became a person of interest.

According to court documents, Bommeli reported that Galloway made a Facebook post saying she had COVID-19, and that she was leaving and going to her favorite lake to be alone, taking with her a driver’s license, $700 in cash, a 9mm firearm, a .45-caliber firearm, her cell phone, her medications, and a bottle of alcohol.

During the investigation, the defendant purportedly lied to authorities about taking Galloway to the hospital, and it was later determined that she was not screened by any doctor. Bommeli also reportedly lied about the whereabouts of a white trailer that had been seen at their residence during the initial report, and the location of Galloway’s bedroom inside their home.

Investigators also learned that Bommeli was listed on Galloway’s life insurance policy.

In January 2021, approximately nine months after Galloway was reported missing, authorities in Polk County, Arkansas, investigated a freezer with duct tape around it that had discovered by a woman hiking near Mena, Arkansas, in a wooded area. Authorities found a dismembered body inside the freezer, and the Arkansas Medical Examiner determined the remains were those of Galloway.

Wagoner County prosecutors alleged that Bommeli killed Galloway between March 27, 2020, and April 17, 2020.

At the time charges were filed against Bommeli in Oklahoma in January, 2021, the defendant was reportedly in Wisconsin. Bommeli was then extradited from Dane County, Wisconsin, to Wagoner County.

Four months later, in May 2021, Bommeli was charged with the two counts of attempted first-degree intentional homicide after she broke into her neighbor’s home and attempted to poison them with ricin. The ricin, which was in a white powder form, was found in the hallway, bedroom and sock and underwear drawer.

Bommeli was reportedly returned last month to Wisconsin, where she is being held on a $1 million bond.

In Oklahoma, Bommeli was charged with first-degree murder with deliberate intent, desecration of a human corpse, two counts of possession of a firearm after former felony conviction, unauthorized use of credit card, pattern of criminal offenses, con game/bogus check, embezzlement, destroying evidence and five counts of obstructing an officer.

The defendant has pleaded not guilty to both the Wisconsin and Oklahoma charges. In Oklahoma, Bommeli is represented by local attorney Rachel Dallis and Janet L. Bickel Hutson of Muskogee. District Attorney Jack Thorp, First Assistant District Attorney Eric Jordan and Haley Robinson are representing the state.

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