A woman was arrested for DUI then drank the deputy's coffee while she was in the patrol unit.

On Oct. 19, Cherokee County Sheriff's Deputy Curtis Elkins was on patrol near Bryant Road and 750 Road where he saw the driver of a gray truck running off the road.

"I then witnessed the same vehicle cross the double yellow lines and then off the roadway once more, almost striking a mailbox," Curtis said in the report.

The deputy activated his emergency lights and pulled the vehicle over. When the driver, Sevan Big Hair, rolled down the window, Elkins said there was a strong odor of alcohol.

He asked the driver for her driver's license and insurance and she said she didn't have any type of identification with her. When he asked Big Hair if she had been drinking alcohol, she denied it and said the truck just smelled that way.

Elkins had the woman step out of the truck and noticed she was unsteady on her feet as she walked. He asked her for her name and if she had been in trouble legally before, and she said she had.

He radioed dispatch and had them check for warrants on the driver. They notified him that Big Hair did have warrants out of Pontotoc County and she had a flagged class license for suspension.

The woman was arrested and placed in Elkins' patrol truck while he attempted to search the truck. However, due to the driver's dog being aggressive he couldn't get inside the vehicle.

As the deputy was filling out paperwork, he noticed Big Hair was moving around inside his patrol unit.

"I approached the passenger side of my unit and witnessed Sevan had drank my coffee that I had prior to this stop," said Elkins.

She was removed from that unit and placed in Deputy Kim Novak's unit and was taken to the Cherokee County Detention Center.

She was booked for transporting an open container, driving under suspension, public intoxication, and failure to maintain lane.

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