Property owners of a popular swimming area have asked the sheriff to cite those who keep trespassing.

On June 8, Cherokee County Sheriff’s Lt. Jarrod Rye was dispatched to North 569 Road in regard to a trespassing. Dispatch said a woman stated she left her keys in her vehicle while swimming at Bathtub Rocks. Dispatch also advised the fire department and EMS were en route since the woman slipped, fell, and hit her head on the rocks, said Rye.

The property is owned by the J.T. Nickel Preserve, and Director Jeremy Tubbs requested the CCSO issue citations for trespassers.

“They had requested that we issue citations to people [who] are trespassing at the bathtub rocks due to them having several ‘No Trespassing’ signs posted, and people are continually ignoring the signs,” said Rye.

Tubbs told Rye he wished to pursue charges against anyone on the property. Rye made contact with the woman, who admitted she had seen the signs, but said her friend told her it would be OK to swim. The woman was issued a citation for trespassing.

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