Residents in the Woodall area are reporting they've had little to no water for several days, and are having trouble getting answers.

A woman contacted the Tahlequah Daily Press on Monday afternoon and said some areas have been without water since Wednesday, June 22.

She said she was told the Stick Ross Mountain Water Co. would be working on some broken pipes on Thursday, and was then informed the water tower had run dry.

Jaci Taylor, with the Stick Ross Mountain Water Co., said significant water breaks had drained the tower. Crews found two leaks that were pumping 300 gallons per minute into a creek.

“The leak occurred in creek,. so they were very difficult to find. The crews worked almost around the clock since last Sunday because they knew there was an issue,and it took them some time to find it and and get the temporary repairs made,” said Taylor.

The latest repair was made Monday afternoon, June 27, and Taylor said customers should have access to their water by Tuesday morning.

“The water tower has to fill back up for the people in the Woodall area. They won’t get water until that water tower on Rider Mountain fills back up, and that’s what these leaks were preventing,” she said.

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