To battle the scorching summer, residents of Tahlequah can turn to a sweet frozen treat to cool them off: ice cream.

There are several parlors and shops in the area where customers can not only satisfy their sweet tooths, but also battle the summer heat.

The Rollie Pollie in downtown Tahlequah is one such option. The shop specializes in rolled ice cream, a technique wherein the ice cream is frozen on a cooled platter and rolled into cylinders. WIth this method, many different designs can be created with the ice cream. The store offers an assortment of different toppings for the ice cream, as well, such as marshmallows, bananas, chocolate chips and strawberries.

“We just came out with the new banana split,” said Teiya Carbajal, The Rollie Pollie employee. “Our fan favorites would probably be either the unicorn or the strawberry cheesecake. The unicorn is cotton candy-flavored with a waffle horn on top with marshmallows. We color it two colors and put sprinkles on top. The strawberry cheesecake is strawberry with a scoop of cheesecake inside.”

Alongside ice cream, The Rollie Pollie offers an assortment of bubble teas with the boba pearls. Carbajal said one flavor in particular is supremely popular.

“People really seem to love the strawberry tea,” said Carbajal.

Another local business is Black & Tan Coffee Co. While the name may advertise coffee, the shop also offers an assortment of cold treats. B&T recently even experimented with mixing coffee and shaved ice to make coffee shaved ice. They have other options as well, said Lenny Qualls, owner.

“We have ice cream that we can put in the drinks,” said Lonny Qualls, owner. “It’s the same gelato that we had at BrewStirs at the Twig.”

Along with this, they offer smoothies, other flavors of shaved ice, and other treats.

Braum's is somewhat of a household name to Oklahoma, and the Tahlequah location is usually fairly busy. Braum's offers dozens of different ice cream flavors alongside a menu of food items. Rebecca Jenicke, Braum's manager, was excited to share the new things Braum's has to offer.

“We have over 36 flavors and we currently have six new summer flavors,” said Jenicke. “Among these, we have lemon blueberry flavor, churro flavor and red velvet brownie flavor."

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