EDMOND, Okla. — Police are asking the public to come forward with information on anyone who is distributing marijuana laced with other drugs. A teenage boy who is facing assault charges, reported to police that he smoked a joint dipped in a hallucinogen, said Jenny Wagnon, Edmond Police spokeswoman.

Police report that the juvenile reportedly threw a 1-year-old male baby to the ground in a parking lot, and committed indecent exposure by pulling down his pants in traffic, according to police.

The underage suspect faces charges of aggravated assault & battery, assault on a police officer, indecent exposure, public intoxication, and malicious injury or destruction of property.


Police Officer Christopher McAloon was was dispatched on a disturbance call at about 7:25 p.m. Friday, May 24 to Crest Foods, located at 2200 W. 15th Street.

“I arrived on scene and several eyewitnesses advised me that a black male had just attacked an infant child on the west side of the parking lot,” McAloon stated. “One witness told me that a white female in a purple shirt was following the suspect …  into a neighborhood to the west of Crest Foods off Raton Road.”

McAloon saw an abrasion on the the left side of the baby’s neck and head. Meanwhile, Sgt. Nathan Fountains, with one other officer, located the suspect in a nearby neighborhood.

Dispatch then advised McAloon that the suspect had possibly been fighting officers on scene. McAloon arrived at the scene to find the suspect secured in handcuffs.

“(The teenage boy’s eyes were very dilated and appeared to be very blood shot and watery,” McAloon reported. "(The teenage boy) was also making several statements to us telling us to 'Shoot me' and at one point requested a knife so he could ‘do it himself,’” McAloon noted.

Medical assistance was given to EMSA and EFD were cleared to come on scene to render medical assistance to the suspect, according to police.


A witness reported seeing the suspect grab the baby restrained in a car seat outside the vehicle at Crest and slam the baby to the parking lot, according to police. The Crest Store video shows the suspect walk quickly toward Crest and pull on a sign post.

McAloon stated another witness reported the suspect jumped on the hood of his car near the intersection of 15th and Santa Fe Avenue. 

The witness reported that the suspect began “flipping people off” after getting off his vehicle, and continued to walk southbound into the parking lot, McAloon stated. 

Another witness told McAloon he observed the suspect drop his pants and expose himself to several passing cars on S. Santa Fe. Police spoke to another witness who corroborated the mother’s account of seeing the suspect throwing her son to the ground.

The Crest Foods video of the incident shows the suspect enter the parking lot from the north and walk southbound, according to police. The suspect is seen striking the hood of a white SUV in the parking lot, McAloon stated.

(The suspect) is seen in the video walking southbound, grabbing (the baby’s) car seat and throwing it to the ground, McAloon continued.

According to police the suspect apologized to Sgt. Fountain for kicking him during the altercation. And EMSA transported the suspect to OU Medical Center to be medically evaluated. 

EMSA personnel reported the suspect said he had smoked some marijuana earlier that was laced either with Acid or with PCP, according to police.

Police transported the suspect to the Berry House when he was medically cleared.

Edmond Police ask that anyone with information regarding the distribution of drug-laced marijuana in Edmond to call detectives at 405-359-4406.