There’s something about rekindling your younger days by having a plush Baby Yoda. And now some are putting a tractor beam on the elusive bounty hunter, It makes you feel like a kid again. It allows you to relive your childhood.

I have a lot to learn about finding and keeping inner peace, and my best teachers remain my children — especially in my memories of that time before the world got its hands on them.

It's not because Harris isn't white or isn't a man that her campaign failed. If anything, her campaign's failure was a reflection of real equality. Being a bad candidate with a sketchy track record and worse ideas is not limited to race or gender.

We take them for granted, these young men and women who are risking their lives, and the lives of their instructors, and hey, don’t forget this, our lives as well to a lesser degree, every time they buckle in and fire up their aircraft. Those are our homes, schools, churches and businesses they are flying over, after all.

If you have worked in a newsroom — and I’m assuming the vast majority of you haven’t — you’ll frequently hear news people sneezing.

Equal protection under the law was granted by the 14th Amendment in 1868. For a century after that, women had a hard time convincing courts that they should be treated equally. In 1976, an ACLU lawyer set out to convince the all-male Supreme Court to take sex discrimination seriously with an unconventional case, where men were the victims.

A kind word, a smile or a few minutes of compassionate presence may have more impact for someone in need than even a significant monetary donation. And, I promise, a few more kind words, smiles and compassionate moments will pay great dividends for us all.

Sadly, it is often just called “turkey day." Surely there is more to giving thanks to our Lord than just eating a bountiful dinner and stuffing ourselves.

Depending on your allegiance, the University of Oklahoma's "Boomer Sooner" is either iconic or irritating. But to a group of students on the OU campus, it's so incendiary it needs to be a goner.

All rose as the judge entered, 100 or so supporters, graduates, partners, and participants filling two-thirds of the auditorium at the Oklahoma City-County Health Department’s headquarters. It is not common for a judge to turn the health department’s auditorium into a makeshift courtroom, but this was a special occasion. Judge Ken Stoner was to preside over the first publicly held drug court graduation ceremony.

During wartime, governments stream propaganda through servicemen’s radios. They broadcast misinformation using a woman’s gentle voice with a background of soft music. This ‘siren’ is used to get into the heads of servicemen. Like Tokyo Rose in World War II, the Korean War’s Seoul City Sue read the names off dog-tags of dead soldiers, called out servicemen by name and rank, identified units, gave locations, and predicted the attacks of each side.

If you're unfamiliar with Twenty One Pilots, the Ohio duo of Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun combine pop, rock and a little bit of rap ... as well as the occasional ukulele ... into messages of hope and facing fear, as well as battling depression and thoughts of suicide.

The lessons we learned on “Sesame Street,” from Fred Rogers and at the feet of our parents and teachers, are all-too-easily dismissed when we venture beyond the safe comfort of childhood into “the real world.” And yet, there are those who hold steadfastly, in spite of all the “realities” of this world ...

The Word dwells in us, waiting for us to tear down the barriers between heaven and earth, to invite in the Kingdom, where all that separates us from God passes away.

Your identity is safe with the corrupted national media, as long you are marching in lockstep with their agenda.

An Oklahoma Watch review of thousands of gifts and meal purchases during the first six months of 2017 found it’s impossible to confirm through records who was bankrolling efforts to influence policymakers.

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