The best book I have read recently is “Midnight in Washington: How We Almost Lost Our Democracy and Still Could” by Adam Schiff. The audiobook is 17 hours and 45 minutes long, but it is an easy listen or an enjoyable read. It is written clearly and simply.

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If there was a deadline for the presidential honeymoon period, that time has since elapsed. The administration of President Joe Biden is overseeing a range of issues on both the domestic and foreign policy fronts that Republicans are seizing upon to thwart the Democrats in the 2022 midterms.

Those of you old enough to remember Anne Murray, feel free to hum along. “We sure could use a little good news today.” Looking around on a gorgeous fall afternoon this week, a quick self-shake of the shoulders revealed how easy it is to fall into the darkness that seems to be everywhere now.

Interim studies address legislative and policy issues and are requested by members of the Oklahoma House or Senate from leadership of their respective chambers. They often address legislative topics discussed during session that failed, or they are also written on subjects lawmakers deem wor…

Iowa is represented in the U.S. House by three Republicans and one Democrat. After last year's census, an independent advisory commission drew a new map that reaffirmed the current balance, but made one of the Republican districts slightly more competitive.


October is National Domestic Violence Awareness Month. For many, the tradition has been to keep those type of situations in the family quiet, but for centuries, domestic violence has been a scourge on not only Americans, but all nations of the world.


Wednesday morning, after I had returned to the office from swimming at NSU, a former co-worker of my husband's in Facilities Management sent me a message: "Kim, will you let Chris know Gary Goodwin was found dead this morning." It took a moment to register. Gary was the plumbing foreman at t…

I love fall, although it never lasts long enough. Mother Nature typically skips this season and goes straight into winter.

It has become common in some circles to call the Jan. 6 Capitol riot an "armed insurrection." That leads to a few questions: How many rioters were armed? And what weapons did they have? What were the arms in the "armed insurrection"?

Driving home from the dog park, I was surprised to hear the (Dixie) Chicks' terrific song "Wide Open Spaces" on the country oldies station. The group had been banished from country radio since 2003 after saying George W. Bush made them embarrassed to be Texans.


And there you have it: Former President Donald Trump and company put the heat on the Department of Justice to investigate unsubstantiated claims of widespread electoral fraud.


Since 1971, housing has been a basic human right, as ascribed to in the United Nations Declaration on Human Rights. Yet we have homeless citizens.

The Democrats are in a real mess. Moderates and liberals are sniping at each other with the same animosity they usually aim at Republicans.

On Thursday, State Superintendent of Public Instruction Joy Hofmeister announced she is changing her political party affiliation from Republican to Democrat. She also announced she is running for the Democratic nomination for governor in 2022.

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In July, the NCAA changed its rules to provide college athletes with opportunities and protections to make money by selling their name, image, and likeness, or NIL.


Change is the only constant in life. We watch the world play out in front of us on 24-hour news cycles. Televisions, radios, newspapers, computers, our phones, and tablets all pour out a constant stream of information, continuously updating us on the changes occurring throughout the world in…


On Monday, Oct. 4, users across various social networking platforms saw themselves unable to use the services of Facebook and Instagram. Social media is a huge part of many people’s daily activities, and being shut out was difficult for many.


Last week, some duck-lipped babe on Instagram who deems herself an “influencer” said Walt Disney World should change its Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith to something else because “that band isn’t relevant… I don’t even know who they are.”

Apparently, those of us who frequent Facebook are now considered old geezers. The new social media platform is Instagram or Snapchat. I can't keep up with it all, but I'm sure that's their plan.

Remember the media cheers for Sen. John McCain when he stopped the effort to repeal Obamacare? McCain was a Republican frustrating a Republican policy goal, which was enough to earn the highest praise in some media circles. "It was a stunning moment," The New York Times reported, "a flash of…


Run a quick google search for quotes about privacy, and the most frequent response is: “Privacy is power. What people don’t know, they can’t ruin.”

The Delta variant surge is overwhelming Oklahoma hospitals, and the state ranks highly in terms of infection rates. The highly transmissible COVID variant has caused an increase in pediatric infections as well. Nearly 700,000 people have died nationwide since the pandemic hit the U.S. over a…

Gen. Mark Milley is the current chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and has served in that capacity since 2019, nominated by former President Donald Trump. In their recent book, Peril, Bob Woodward and Robert Costa claim that Milley, in a telephone conversation with Speaker of the House Na…


In a 2020 report, Trends in College Pricing and Student Aid, the College Board reports that a moderate college budget for an in-state student attending a four-year public college in 2020-2021 averages $26,820. Out-of-state students at public colleges average $43,280, and for students attendi…


The benefit of college, like beauty, is “in the eye of the beholder.” So, going to college is a major life choice that most of us consider at some point, whether in high school or later in life. Some say “yes” it is worth it and others say “no,” it is not worth my time, effort, and money.


Sunday is World Mental Health Day, a day to raise awareness of mental health issues around the world and mobilize efforts in support of mental health. Beginning in 1992, the day was started as an annual activity of the World Federation for Mental Health and is officially commemorated every y…


The newest data available indicate the COVID-19 vaccine produced by Pfizer is effective and safe. It substantially lowers the risk of infection, limits the intensity of the disease even if it is contracted, nearly eliminates the need for hospitalization, and practically eliminates the possib…

There are too many Americans who inhabit local and federal prisons throughout the country. Prisons ought to be for people who commit violent crimes, and currently, they are packed with people who have used drugs, sold drugs, and have committed other non-violent crimes.


You've heard the saying, "You scream, I scream, we all scream for ice cream." I'm here to tell you this old saw is spot-on.

There are many reasons for making soup. It is easy to make and delicious. If you include vegetables, lentils, beans, and possibly meat, soup can make a hearty entrée, especially if served with a salad and bread, preferably whole-grain. With a little advance planning, soup can last through se…

I was home alone. I knew better, but I did it anyway, knowing full well it would make me cry.

Flags, marching bands, queens and kings replete with crowns, sashes, flowers and snazzy carriages, painted windows, fireworks, games and festivities - must be Homecoming! Or better yet, this year in Tahlequah, it's the homecoming month of September.

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, D-CA, has scheduled a vote on Thursday on the Senate passed bipartisan $1 trillion infrastructure bill. The bill passed the Senate by a vote of 69-30 last week. Nineteen Republicans joined fifty Democrats to push the bill over the top. Both of Oklahoma's U.…

OK, Joe, it's time to get serious. Are you really ready to protect our political system or not?

Most are familiar with the story of the Pied Piper of Hamelin. This medieval German story is based on a legend of a man dressed in a multicolored - pied - outfit who was a rat catcher hired by the town to lure rats away during the plague with his magic pipe. When the citizens refuse to pay f…

This week, major components of President Joe Biden's agenda will have their futures largely decided. Even if there are things that are not voted on by the House of Representatives and the United States Senate, the tallies of the votes that are taken will be indicative of the prospects of oth…

A few years ago, the GOP performed a deep review of their party, and they recognized that they have a minority recruitment problem.


Men are always shocked when I tell them this – and some women, too – but my husband picks my clothing, off the racks or out of catalogs. Chris takes great pride in his taste in women’s clothing and his ability to choose the perfect outfits for me. However, he has questionable taste in men’s …

President Joe Biden, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Charles Schumer have based the future of the entire Democratic agenda on a trick. And now many Democrats are increasingly concerned - terrified, actually - that the trick won't work.

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