COLUMN: America deserves better than this

Corey Carolina

America is on life support, and it doesn't seem like the country knows how to fix its issues.

We have a divided government, and we always have. Dangerous factions in this country are willing to change the rules because they didn't agree with the outcome of the elections. Social media makes it easy for misinformation to circulate, and unfortunately, so many people have listened to it and believe it.

Politicians are more interested in awarding themselves or taking away bonus points for everything that goes right or wrong in the country, rather than working together. Our political system has left a bad taste in so many people's mouths, and now the culture in America is toxic.

When young people view adults in this country, they see bullying, cursing, disrespect, and making people feel less than equal. With the election cycles so close to each other, it seems the government is always campaigning and not governing. This is sad, and we should make a bigger deal about the part-time government, instead of making excuses for why they can't get things done. Playing the blame game is a natural governmental process, along with the Electoral College and passing of legislation.

America will not progress without us working with one another to meet its challenges. Sadly, it is likely that many Democrats and Republicans in power don't want progress, because it would cost them the ability to scapegoat the other side. We deserve a better country and better representation. Will we see that in the near future? I hope so, but so many are hopeless.

Corey Carolina is an NSU graduate and North Tulsa entrepreneur.

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