BLM, or Black Lives Matter, is an organization with a loose central governing core and disparate cell organizations scatter around where they think they can do the most for the organization. Each cell has a nominal commander with a small number of members who are quickly and readily mobile, and who have a circle of friends who will turn-out when requested.

A majority of the members of BLM are white, and nearly all of them are young, unemployed, and university educated. They have been radicalized by radical university professors who have been harboring deep-seated hatred for the U.S. since the 1960s. Funding for BLM comes from a variety of sources, but many can be traced back to Jerome Underwood, George Soros, Jeff Bezos, Jack Dorsey, Mark Zuckerberg, Jeff Zucker. There is also a conglomerate of ultra-wealth Hollywood types, like Chelsey Handler and Mark Ruffalo, and national media types, in addition to other whites who has been made to feel guilty about racial problems in the past.

The mission of BLM is the violent overthrow of what they believe to be a racist and evil society, and are trained and motived by radicals who are left over from the 1960s. They have stated bluntly what their aims are and their founding documents make it even more clear that they believe they only they can decide what is right and wrong, and if you disagree in words, they have the right to respond with violence.

They use the slogan “Black Lives Matter” as a shield to cover who they are and what they are about. According to organization spokespersons, every institution embedded in this country must be torn down and rebuilt along the lines they demand. Any disagreement or deviation from their plan much be met with violent resistance. And, they have been successful in intimidating many weak politicians and other cowards.

The methods used by BLM are not novel or ingenuous, but are straight from the Marxist-Leninist playbook. They go to where there is a dispute, preferably where a Black is killed by a white, they infiltrate their members into the crowd, while their reserves are being summoned. Vans and caches of weapons are distributed and made available for when the sun goes down and the peaceful crowds begin to thin. Then, the rioting begins. It is always the small businesses that are sacked and burned, unless a larger one did not bow to their demands. The police are ordered to stand-down by cowardly mayors and governors, so the rioters are free to do as they please. These are exactly the same tactics used by the Bolsheviks in Russia, by Mao in China, by Ho-Chi Minh in Vietnam, and on and on. That is who BLM is.

Dr. Jonathan C. Jobe, of Crescent Valley, is a retired educator and a veteran of the U.S. Air Force.

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